Regenerative Landscape Design



Saving the planet is a dirty job, but at The Earthius Project, we love doing it.  The earth is a vibrant, breathing, pulsing being that needs to be understood and respected, before we can cooperate with her and protect her.  So stick around, and you will find out all kinds of reasons to appreciate Mother Earth.  Along the way, you will relearn the ancient wisdoms of balance and gratitude, of give and take, that have made our beautiful planet so willing to provide for us.  But time is running out.  Earth is wounded.  And like a cornered animal, she will fight back.  In the end, if we continue down the road laid by the industrial revolution and the progress of the 20th century, it will not be we who destroy our beautiful planet, but rather Mother Earth who destroys us.  She can, after all, do just fine without us.

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