An Artist's Desk

So, I am taking this class, Fundamentals of Drawing, which has forced me to put aside the everyday, the pressing and stressful responsibilities, to create. Just create.

It is an amazing feeling to know I don’t have to sell this art, to know that I can be free to experiment with new techniques and mediums.  My muse finally has a place at my desk, and she is smiling.  This first assignment brings together lessons on basic design principles, like composition and tonal values.  To make it a bit more fun and challenging, I picked a viewpoint that employs a third vanishing point at the bottom, just off the paper. The “bird’s-eye” view is so much more interesting to me than straight on.

Here are the initial sketches, from which I chose my final composition:

And here is my final, finished piece:


I hope this class will open me up to new possibilities and venture ideas.  I love sitting down to a new challenge each week!

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