Speed Draw

So, as I begin this journey of developing Earthius as a tool, a brand, a method of advocacy, I have discovered the magic of speed draw.  Watching someone do art, especially when you don’t have much talent yourself, is fascinating.  However, who has time to sit and watch 5 hours of video?  So, many YouTubers have resorted to the “speed draw” format to invite viewers into their creative process without taking up too much of their time.  My 5 hours of recording as I complete a color pencil drawing is compressed into 10 short minutes of digestible entertainment.  Not only that, but it gives me the chance to talk about my creative process or any other topic that may be relevant or just interesting.  Likewise, I could add music.  But for the purpose of the Earthius mission, discussing the act of drawing also invites going off on tangents that link art to conservancy and advocacy.

You can watch the speed draw video here.

The initial goal of this drawing was to illustrate a competency in lighting, tonal values, and depth.  But by recording the act of drawing, I was able to make it so much more.  I have a feeling that this will be one of my favorite tools of choice as Earthius grows.

As for this particular drawing, I do talk about a few observations and tips directly on the video.  However, I want to add things here I did not cover.  Firstly, I must reiterate that after such extensive use of both Staedtler and Prismacolor Premier color pencils, I have developed a preference for the latter.  The Prismacolor pencil was smooth as silk and created a velvety, semi-gloss finish.  The Staedtlers are very vibrant, but with a noticeably drier feel on the paper.  Secondly, I found that the Prismacolor was easier to erase.

I also want to mention that setting up the recording equipment (my iPhone) took some research and experimenting.  I finally settled on a goose-neck clip mounted to the wall directly in front of my desk.  It is important to have a non-movable foundation for your equipment to avoid a shaky video.  Many YouTubers mount their camera onto their desk which results in shaky footage whenever they erase or bump against the desk.  A word of warning:  DO NOT USE YOUR iPHONE TO RECORD MORE THAN A FEW MINUTES AT A TIME.  I forgot to stop and start my recording and ended up with a 58 minute video that was too large to move out of the phone.  This is a particularly devious problem for iPhone, which relies on iCloud and iTunes to upload your backups via a wi-fi connection.  If you do find yourself in this pickle, the easiest thing to do is to manually create short 10-minute clips of the file, then get rid of the large file and you will be able to upload those smaller clips, hopefully.

I do hope you enjoy the final drawing, as well as the video!  Please give me feedback here or on my YouTube channel so I can improve content, interest, and entertainment value with each new video.


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