Seedling Paradise

In her last throws of winter, North Carolina is giving us a few more nights of frost this week. Much of what I have done to this point is to approach North Carolina sustainable eco-farming with this unpredictability in mind.
I have built each raised bed equipped with a row-tunnel system that is convertible (to netting in the summer) and removable (for those crops that don’t need to be protected from the birds). As the temperature dipped down once again to well below freezing (as low as 20 degrees), I added heat lamps to each tunnel. Although the extreme cold has halted any growth progress in my transplants, none have succumbed!

A surprise snowfall! Thank goodness for my row tunnels!

Tomato seedlings as happy as can be in 55-65 degrees

My little greenhouse is heated — the seedlings there are all thriving happily, just bursting to get out into the garden, it seems!  When we had hard frost and high wind last week, I opted to cover the greenhouse with a second layer of plastic to assists in heat retention. This gave the little heater a break from continual running.

My swiss chard is already itching to get out of its confinement!


This was me, only 3 short weeks ago, enjoying spring weather!  I was gardening in my swimsuit. And now we are recovering from a snow storm and multiple hard frosts.  That’s North Carolina for ya!

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