Creating Shine and Sparkle

This week was difficult.  I had some health issues that kept me in bed and I was too weaP3_S3a_Chanmala.jpgk
to do anything.  I finally got better in time to complete this assignment in the knick of time.  I used two images I photographed for a previous class:  a beautiful, brilliant dragonfly down by the lake (feature image above) and my mother’s vase from Germany.

My main challenge was time.  I simply did not have time to do a great and thorough job of the background.  And if I were to change something, it would be to mute the background colors dramatically, so that the vase and dragonfly had center-stage.

I think a lot of people are shy about harsh highlights and dramatic shadows.  This timidity is a hindrance to creating a crisp and high-contrast piece.  Note that I used pure black and pure white (even whiter than the paper, using a gel pen).  Another vital step is to take the liberty, even if you don’t see it on your live object, to demonstrate a varied range of tones and hues within each color.  For example, the blue on both subjects ranges from a purple black to a light aqua and everything in-between.  I layer these, rather than placing them separately on different areas, because is creates a more dynamic and constant gradient.

Here is the finished product:


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