A Keen Perspective

I absolutely love playing with perspective.  It is fascinating to take a photograph and draw perspective lines on it, just to see if all the rules are true!  Sometimes, especially when we get into 3 and 4 point perspective, it seems surrealistic, that it can’t really be so. But our brain is a curious contraption that is capable of making sense of the seeminglyChanmala_OnePoint bizarre.  When I was a kid and was shown for the first time how the road or the railroad tracks end in a single point on the horizon, I was truly amazed.

This exercise is one I pose as part of a detailed introduction to my own students.  The
most refreshing of these is one-point perspective.  Watching everything in sight get smaller and smaller and converge on a single point is truly eye-opening.  The challenge here can be increased by creating depth on the horizontal plane, as in the row of columns and arches below.


Two-point perspective is a bit more intuitive.  Scaling down into the distance in opposite directions is something we easily recognize.  Here I drew a barn and fence, as well as a chicken


But the most interesting of the three is when we add a third vanishing point, either at the top or the bottom.  Here I did a classic lettering sketch and a transparent block stack. The transparency on the stacked blocks adds a deeper dimension interest and clearly demonstrates the connection surfaces.


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