I enjoyed this assignment, as it meant going outdoors, something I obviously love!Chanmala_barn

My neighbor has a beautiful red “barn” her husband built as a hangout for their friends. He has passed on now, but it still serves to entertain and as a guest house.  It is a lovely structure, with half of it open on opposing sides to give the impression of a workshop or garage.  My neighbor grows some beautiful flowers and bushes along the side.  It abuts our orchard and so it was pleasant to sit in the orchard and draw it.

Chanmala_cabinMy second subject is the view I have of an abandoned and tornado damaged cottage on the south side of the lake near the dam.  While I am all for cleaning up debris and damaged property, from a distance, it has a certain wistful quality and so became the perfect object of my drawing.
I also relied on some photos taken during a recent Chanmala_joynerphoto shoot for a photography class at Joiner Park, here in Wake Forest, NC.  These structures are very well preserved and yet retain all their original charm.

I also dipped back into my photography portfolio to pull out this image of dawn mist swirling across our lake on a winter morning.  This happens frequently, but capturing is a bit more complicated.  I like how it turned out… very much in likeness.  Oddly, the curvature of the the distant shoreline makes it appear Chanmala_lakelike I am using a fisheye lens… very odd.
My pick for the final, polished drawing was the cottage on the lake.  I picked this because it had water, which I find gratifyingly challenging to draw or paint, and architecture, which I adore.  So, while all the others have very good potential, I decided to combine my two favorite subjects and produce the final drawing below:


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