Color Pencil Work

While I have posted color pencil work previously, this assignment focuses on skills required to create depth, volume, and mass in very colorful objects.  Of course all the previous skills are applied, like perspective, shadows, reflections, etc…

However, many drawing students are stymied by the way bright and saturated colors can camouflage the tonal range.  It’s fairly easy to see the shifts in value and tone when looking at dull or even grey-scale objects.  It is another altogether to pick out subtle changes in value on a very vibrant and multi-color object.  What helps here is to fall back on your fundamental knowledge of how tone and value behave on the shape, whether that is spherical, cylindrical, cubic, or something more complex like fabric folds and textures.

When necessary, when you are truly flummoxed as to why your drawing is not gaining volume, take a photo of your subject and print or view it on-screen in grey scale. Suddenly, the changes in tone and value will pop out at you.  Over time, you will learn to “x-ray” your live objects with your brain’s memory of grey-scale behavior.


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