Easter (not the one you think)


We have one planet and one life. Did you know that after the last tree on Easter Island was cut down, the human population succumbed rapidly to self-decimation? Easter Island is but one of many foreboding harbingers of planet earth’s destiny today.

While others have scoffed at the parallel, citing that Easter was just a mere island and that those “ignorant” polynesian inhabitants did earthnot know any better and were too isolated to overcome their environmental collapse, it is precisely the same scenario as the global human “tribe” today on this isolated piece of rock catapulting through space. We can imagine and hope for colonialists (extraterrestrial visitors who are or feel they are superior to us). Or we can hope and imagine a “new world” out there among the sea of stars. Perhaps some of us imagine and hope for another life. The rest of us are, perhaps, some what paralyzed with fear or overwhelmed at the idea of solving all our problems in time.

But like the inhabitants of Easter Island, we are limiting our future to hearsay and fate.sterile soil

Mankind has always sought dominion and control over mother earth. And where has
that taken us? To a toxic, sterile and stripped soil. To turmoil and bloodshed.

To an absolute surrender to the principles of scarcity based on extractive habits.

We are on the edge of the crevasse, and we are doing backflips and joking around and weighing ourselves down with “stuff”. It would be very easy for a little breeze to come along and blow us over the edge.

Perhaps it would be more prudent to sit down, to collaborate, to study the landscape and find a way to fill in the crevasse with love, fertility, abundance.

It’s possible, you know.

You don’t have to be a gardener and you don’t have to commit to “saving the world”.

If nothing else, you can simply be a vehicle with which ideas about solving our problems are spread. That is a crucial role.

Join me on Facebook for a conversation. Subscribe and forward this blog… these simple things will add up.  And who knows, perhaps they will lead to new ideas and hope.

Now for a humorous (but still serious) look at our mindset, check out this video of Bill Maher talking about refocusing on earth’s problems and potential.

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