The Earthius Project exists because humanity must re-learn what it means to be of the earth.  We are pouring poisons into our soil in tandem with the genetic modifications of nature’s designs for monetary gain, scalping the trees and killing off the biodiversity essential to our own survival, releasing non-decomposable and indigestible compounds into the waters and air at alarming and increasing rates, breeding resistant strains of mega-bacteria and viruses through our profit-driven medical and animal farming practices, and taking ownership of the essentials of life: water, seeds, and soil.  All this is done in the name of progress and solving problems through technology.  But I ask you: where did all the problems come from?  What do we really need to thrive, and what is superfluous distraction?

What will make us truly happy?

My name is Adriana, and I am a permaculture designer.  This is something that has grown out of my education and teaching experience in economics and statistics.  It was further developed by my research into resource use and abuse, the commercial animal production and processing industries, and ecology.  I am also an artist and designer.  But at the root of all this is a passionate teacher.

Permaculture is an approach to design and problem solving that places ethics at the fore and insists that efficiency, abundance, and health are all achievable in the closed systems that nature models for us.

Permaculture Ethics:

Care for Earth,  Care for People,  Share the Surplus

The Earthius Project is designed to promote these ethics, in that order.

Care for Earth:  our 2 acre demonstration site strives to continually improve our relationship with the land, its topography, energies and risks though permaculture principles.

Care for People:  the Project seeks to connect and collect a community of like-minded folks who need support in their own efforts, seeking to empower us through diversity; this diversity extends from seeds and tools to skills and ideas.  Sharing and communing, helping and asking for help, especially in person, is a vital component of how we approach our work.

Share the Surplus:  while The Earthius Project does not foresee a great surplus in food production, that is not our primary goal.  The surplus that The Project offers is one of learning, resources, experimentation, and inspiration.

Join us.  Be ahead of the curve.