Making Amends with Earth

I made a video this morning where I rambled on for 25 minutes about a variety of topics related to the perfection of nature’s designs. You can view the video here. I find it absolutely staggering, how western culture, specifically, the “consumer culture,” has groomed several generation of farmers and gardeners to ignore mother nature completely in favor of gaining “complete control” over her.  There is a … Continue reading Making Amends with Earth

Easter (not the one you think)

We have one planet and one life. Did you know that after the last tree on Easter Island was cut down, the human population succumbed rapidly to self-decimation? Easter Island is but one of many foreboding harbingers of planet earth’s destiny today. While others have scoffed at the parallel, citing that Easter was just a mere island and that those “ignorant” polynesian inhabitants did not … Continue reading Easter (not the one you think)