jalapeno_webOur ecological landscape design service will transform your ho-hum yard or garden into an abundant, flourishing paradise for symbiotic life.

We don’t just design, we educate.  Our clients are left with a diverse set of skills to manage their new design.  And unlike conventional landscape designs, especially those including wide expanses of lawn, an Earthius design will, over time, require less and less time and energy to maintain.

Tired of mowing the lawn?  Weary of the constant battles with weeds?  Want to walk out of your door to a lush assortment of herbs and vegetables you actually want to eat?  An ecologically sound design can harvest rain water, build soil structure and fertility, conserve water, purify runoff, and be incredibly beautiful!

IMG_4002Earthius designs can be incorporated on a suburban plot or a large homestead.  There are even ways to incorporate beauty, water catchment, and food production in a container garden for apartments and condos!

If you live in the Triangle of North Carolina, I will come out to your property for a free consultation.  I will ask some pertinent questions that will allow us to address all your needs and resources, take the necessary measurements, and discuss preliminary design options and possibilities.

Please take one minute to fill out the form below and we will do our best to get back to you within one business day.





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